I challenge you! Become a life long learner by accepting these challenges to learn more about our world and better understand the science behind the observations. No Peeking on the Internet! Find your own answers and gain problem-solving skills and confidence in your abilities. Keep checking as more challenges are always being created!

Measuring Challenge

5-7 years old Info – For this challenge you will be working on estimating and measuring. Equipment – a pair of dice and a measuring tape. Activity - Roll two dice and estimate their distance in inches, try to get within 1 inch. 8-10 years old Info – For this challenge...

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Water Drop Experiment

Background Info – For this experiment you will be working water. Water is an amazing liquid because water molecules attract other water molecules. If you have ever seen the movie “Ants” think about the beginning of the movie where all of the ants were forming a ball....

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