Sciensation is the go to place either online or in house for all of your science learning needs for any student at any age. Whether you are in elementary, high school, college, homeschooled, or just a lifelong learner you will learn more about our scientific world at Sciensation. Learners can benefit from the a la carte selection of courses including many mini courses, tutoring, portfolio assessments and Sciensation Live which is a monthly get together for hands on learning. Sciensation Live is held at our headquarters office in Dayton, Ohio.

From online science courses and experiments to personal tutoring and student assessments, Sciensation is giving students the tools they need to excel at science and understand the world around them. Our personalized, fun approach to science education helps students learn the vital science knowledge and skills they need by examining and experimenting with the real-world. And, with our flexible, online programs, Sciensation is the perfect teaching tool for homeschoolers, gifted students, learning on the go, or lovers of science! Become a lifelong learner today and let the world be your classroom.


Before any student can use Sciensation, they must complete an Individual Learning Assessment. The reason is simple: every student learns differently. By completing the assessment, each student gets a learning solution tailor-made to fit their unique learning style.


As an online tutoring and science education platform, Sciensation is accessible from any platform with an internet connection, 24/7. Plus, students and parents have the freedom to schedule sessions or take courses to best fit their lives. Get specific lessons geared towards your activities whether they are outside at the park or at a museum. Science is everywhere and easily incorporated. 


We prepare activities with your individuality in mind. Do you want national standards? We’ve got that.  You want the world to be your classroom? We can do that too. We can help you set up a learning plan for a week, a month, or even a year. And, we will provide support along the way to be sure you get the most of every teachable moment.

Do you need a portfolio graded? Whether you are a young learner or preparing a college entrance portfolio Sciensation can review and approve your portfolio.


Parents, what better way to enhance your vacation than a science package by Sciensation. Based on where you are going and the ages of your learners we can create a Vacation Science Package that packs a punch with fun learning activities. Packages can be as involved as you want. Call today to learn more.


Homeschoolers already have the experience of using our world as their classroom and Sciensation is here to help you discover new and challenging ways to explore. Sciensation pairs perfectly with homeschooling families looking for supplementary science education or tutoring. With our online scheduling, tutoring, and science courses, you decide when, where, and what your student learns. Beyond online tutoring and classes, Sciensation can also develop special curriculum and assess portfolios, provide test prep, and more. We can also monitor your portfolio so you are the shining star at the next college visit.


Is your student a lover of science or a budding Einstein? Sciensation can help foster and grow that love of science. With specially designed tutoring and advanced online courses, your student can get the supplemental science work that can spark their curiosity and challenge their minds.


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